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About the Photography category


The photography is an easy hobby to start, but it offers untold depth to those who choose to enjoy and know the light for it. Photography is known as art performed through process “painting with light”. I acknowledge at the time of writing this article I am not yet an expert photographer but like to share some fundamental truths which I came across while learning and published for others benefit.

Everybody got camera as far I know in various forms of gadgets and even I took many photos since from my first camera phone to today’s dslr camera. The difference is normally every one including me at those time took snapshots not photographed images or in simple words took images without imiganation just click! Click… with no brainer till i got understanding of photograph which is pre processing image before capturing it, that’s just a little extra knowledge is all it takes to separate the real enthusiast from the occasional snapper. So let’s focus on the fundamental aspects of photography