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Hubballi Airport


I still remember days when we use to play cricket on runway of Hubli Airport which was around year 1988 when we were in 4th standard the population over there was low and surrounded with farms, those days with lot of out play best thing was no gagets and no captivity all were free to enjoy nature and build relationship with surrounding people.

Hubli Airport was plan to develop city in order to relive over crowdedness from nearby metros which really too effect and developed in 2017. Wow 1988 plan succeeded in 2017 atlast. Now can see lot of commercial business growing leaving no farms around, business and political making people to sell there lands in return of jobs hope for farmers children’s (an hope!) So agricultural has moved from farm to back yard in most instances. I believe just commercial business doesn’t grow city in fact it makes it week without enough jobs to feed people in long run, the corns were lack of industries as due to airport industries coudnt sustain as those business were sold to build commercial complex and more tourist shopping attractions which in fact increased cost of living without raise in pay scale. Middle class society is struggling with jobs as not all young generation is having enough work to keep going. Most foreign/international companies are bringing there monopoly business to keep local transport under there control which making rates competitive to end use but hard for earner.

Those peaceful times were no more left out.

Airport was designed for domestic flights initially and in past 5 years they ran in consistent flights to Bombay and Bengalore on certain days of week but as usual they were not meeting customer requirements which made those small airline business to move out and in recent 2017 development which bought 2.5 km runway with future provision to international flights and huge area expansation with ability to park large number of flights has changed game, now big airlines has made there ground with competitive rates and more reliable timings to fill in more travellers.
There are advantages and disadvantages to city as personal life is almost lost but some connectivity has started assuming to start build some local business at least by outside influences. I believe things won’t get better in human perspective but always go worst and harder unless we don’t keep it simple and clean.