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Understanding Dedication


To be understood that dedication is different to baptism. For example dedicating a child to God is not child baptism in fact it’s an response of parents to grow child in the way of God by teaching and educating through bible and helping them to practice His ways. All tasks takes under parents godly nature. As ungodly religious guardians may turn child to formal religious and ungodly person.

Looking into book of Genesis, Abraham was asked by God to sacrifice his son and in response Abraham took his son and went to hill for sacrifice without any hesitation, he didn’t had any second thought nor did he back question to God. This was the test for Abraham to show his obedience to God. So are today’s Christians really understand about dedication? When they say I dedicate my child to God is not raising child in there own ways but in God’s way by denying our desires and self made expectations on child.

So what was the response from Hannah when she prayed to Lord for Child and she made covenant in prayer? (1 Samuel 1-2) She was sure of her prayer and went contently and when she bore child she came to temple of God and gave Samuel to priest to raise him according to her promised with God. In result God blessed Hannah in her life with more children and used Samuel for his ministry which was blessings for whole family and God used them unto His glory.

Dedication is committing your child to God which is not religious function or something done for the sake of family members but it is an covenant between you and God. If you dedicate your child be serious about it and don’t do it in ignorance of flesh for the sake of this world.

Be vigilant!!!