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Worlds Entertainment or God’s Purpose


What you do when you are back home from hard day, what your inner being requests you?. Time ago when I was still new born Christian I struggled more with my Sins than what I struggle now in this edification stage and it was all I did to pleasure and comfort myself when I was at home, as I watched movies and saw television with family believing we are all saved and all our sins are forgiven, REALLY?. The truth was I was becoming more noisy by being far from God.

Our desires

I already discussion in other article Blessings from God about those entertainment lusts and it’s easy that our flesh chooses carnal things to produce fruits of its own kind. Instead we all shall choose to take time and ask God why was my day tired and tough what was your will that you showed today (by reading scripture) how to take heed and be vigilant, our thoughts needs to be renewed and corrected through lining it up with straight edge of Gods words by spending more time with God which is more profitable to soul than self desires of this entertaining world. Let’s not escape from our responsibility to pray, are some who play up with there time by watching TV shows and then in spare time after rethinks of certain situations of those movies or shows and make there soul worst.
Jesus said, even if you commit adultery in your heart then you are adulterous (a sinner) so how did one not sinned by there self-pleasures.

We can’t really tell how crooked our thinking is untill we line it up with the straignt edge of Scripture.
Defeat of Christian and win for devil

By doing so Christians has surrendered to sin, it’s clear from scripture that Ye cannot serve two masters as Ye will despise one and love another. So for nominal Christian who travels in two boats by putting his each feet on both deck of boat running parallel will one day fall away when there is high tides and boats needs to be spread apart, and so flee away from lusts and desires that lasts for short time. This world is as of vanity fair, filled with most glamorous things and desirous passions where a week person shall stand and buy things that hinders his journey with God, look at Lazarus and rich man in Luke 13 and see where ye end up at our Christian life.

Christ our example

If we excuse our situations with frustration and look for world’s entertainment to comfort us then we all are fallen and dragged away from life. Taking Christ’s example when He walked on earth the amount of responsibility was much high than ours but He never got frustrated or shew any discontentment in his purpose of life but rather he was patient and willing to teach things of God’s heart and when He left after resurrection put his disciples in charge of propagating His teachings: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you [the kind of peace you have seen in Me]: not as the world giveth, give I unto you [You won’t get My peace the same way the world tries to get peace]. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.– John 15:27.
It is very clear teaching that our peace should not come out of world which sells distractions, possessions, adventures and other things than acts as anastasia to dull and faint in our pain only for a while and in return produces major side effects that drags to hell. To over come dysfunctions of world’s sinful response, Obey Christ and take what he has given to us (Galatians 5:22-23) that we may find peace with Him.

Obedience for any believer is not optional but obligatory, and should never be a burden, but always blessing.

Note: SIN is anything that is against God’s will, and Richeousness are all things that is according to the will of God.